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- Cords & Wire- Bead Cord Natural Silk- Bead Cord Nylon- Elastic Cord Stretch Magic- Equipment for Bead Cord- Jewelry Wire- Polyester wire- Satin cord - Rat tail- Crimp Bead- Cufflinks, Tie Clips, Tie Slides, Button Backs- Button Backs- Cufflinks- Tie Clips, Slides- Ear clip- Earclip Fittings- Earclip Fittings- Earclip with Cup- Earclip with Eyelet- Earclip with Plate- Gift certificate- Hair Fittings- Headpins- Hoops- Parts- Creoles- Hoops- Key rings- Leather Cord- Stingray- Flowers- Flat- Braided- Braided flat- Folded braided leather- Stitched Leather- Round- Lockets- Locks- Magnetic clasp- Springrings- Trigger clasps standard- Trigger Clasps Fantasy- Round locks - Bayonett- Assorted clasps- Pendant- Animals- Drops- Hearts- Settings- Stars- Assorted pendants- Pendants- Ring shanks, ring profile,ring blanks- Special profiles- Ring shanks, ring profile,ring blanks- Rings- Settings & Roundings- Rounds blank- Tubesetting- Settings- Settings- Stamped Plates and Name Tags- Coins- Name Tags and Plates- Tie Tacs and Pins- Ear hooks- Earhook- Hoops- Lever back- Ear piercing- Comfort- Luxury- Earscrews- Earring Fittings- Earring Ball- Earring Cup- Earring Disc, Cup- Earring Fancy Settings- Earring Posts- Earring Settings
- Freshwater pearls, cultured- Button- Strings- Drops- Others- Round- Freshwater pearls- Cultured Pearls, saltwater- Akoya- South Sea- Strings- Tahiti- Cultured Pearls- Greenland Ruby- Mabepearls- Miyuki beads- Ruby- Greenland Rubies- Hearts- Princesscut- Rosecut- Assorted- Marquise- Oval cabochons- Oval facetted- Pearshape- Round Cabochons- Round Facetted- Square- Strings- Sapphire- 4-corners- Antique- Rosecut- 4-corners- Briolets- Fancycut- Heartshaped- Marquise- Oval cabochon- Oval facetted- Pearshaped- Princess cut- Round cabochons- Round facetted- Emerald- Briolets- Heart- Rosecut- Rough- 4-corners- 8-corners- Marquise- Oval cabochon- Oval facetted- Pearshaped- Round cabochons- Round facetted- Flower & Leaf Profiles- Cabochons- Checkerboard- Cone- Eightcorners- Fancy- Marquise- Triangle- Heartshape- Oval- Pearshaped- Round- Square
- Blasting technology- Burs & drills- Knife- Stone setting bur- Steel bur round- Cylinder square- Bearing cutter- Concave cutter- Vanad steel cutter- Pointed steel cutter- Carbide cutter- Diamond instruments- Twist drills on shaft- Twist Drills Cylindrical Shank- Drills for brass, amber and perls- Corundum abrasives- Assorted bur & Drills- Casting & Melting- Wax - Wax injectors- Ingot molds- Sand for casting- Vulcanising equitment- Furnaces- Melting crucibles and dish- Flaks- Investment- Chemicals- Galvanic Chemicals- Chemicals- Colorit set DP2- Dental & Polish- Dental brushes- Diamond instruments- Flexible polishers - Rubber- Flexible polishers - Silicone- Dental Tools- Dental Bur & Drills- Dental Tools- Draw equipment- Draw die (Tungsten)- Draw equipment- Draw plates- Draw plates (Tungsten)- Drawing bench- Elektroplating Equipment- Engraving & Setting Equitment / Benchmate system- Centring- Ring engraving machine- Beading tool- Beading tool- Millgrain tool- Ring clamps- Engraving blocks & holding equipment- GRS Benchmate system- Engraver- Arkansas in wooden box- Eyeglasses- Forging work- Mandrels- Bracelet and necklace mandrels- Dapping punches- Steel bench block- Hammers- Bezel block- Disc cutting set- Silver Forging Iron 1- Silver Forging Iron 2- Stake Holders- Necklace bust- Horn anvil- Grinding & polishing- Emmery- Emmery sticks- Circular bruches- Polishing wheels- Felt- Elastic abrasives wheels- Grinding & polishing compounds- Brass bruches- Satin finish brushes- Polishing Drums and Accessories - Burnishers- Diamond Pads- Motors- Suction bench- Miscellaneous- Lamps- Machines- Compressors - Drilling machine- Drying machine- Lathes- Plate Shears- Ring bending machine- Ringstretcher- Sanding Machine
- Measuring & test-instruments- Diamondtester- Calipers- Micrometer- Rulers- Finger Gauges and Ring Sticks- Engineers square- Dividers- Degree Gauges- Granite Block- Metal Testing- Micro motors & Flexible Shaft Machines- Finishing cabinet- Flexible Shaft Machines- Handpieces- Micro motors- Miscellaneous- Batteries- Chasers-steel- Cutting broaches- Glue- Joint cutter- Miscellaneous- Scribers & triangular scraper- Taps & Dies- Vices- Photo equipment- Pliers- Round nose pliers- Half-round and flat nose pliers- Flat Nose Pliers- Chain Nose pliers- Tweezers- Soldering Tweezers- Side cutter- End Cutter- Parallel jaw flat pliers- Shears- Locking Pliers Vise-Grip- Special pliers- Accessories- Precisions files- - Files - Flat & Tree square- Files - Halfround & Round- Needle file- Joint file- Escapement Files- Set of Files- Hand Vices- Filing equipment- Rolling Mills- Saw equipment- Accessories- Cutter Equipment- Saw blades- Saw frames- Scales- Soldering equipment- Regulator- Soldering equipment- Soldering guns/torches- Soldering paste- Soldering plates- Orion Welder- Stamps- Toolkits- Start Kit- Setting Tools- Fileudstyr- Loddeudstyr- Savudstyr- Tangsæt- Tegneredskaber- Ultra-Sound washing mashine & pickling tanks- Pickling Tanks- Ultra-Sound washing machine- Used - second hand- - Second hand- Watchmakers equipment- Wax tools- Working tables & Drawer cabinets
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