Purchase of gold, silver, platinum and palladium

In our precious metal department we have wires, sheets, tubes, bars, fine gold and silver, gold and whitegold alloys, platinum and palladium. If you can not find you product or dimension - please then contact us for further information. We are used to delivering customized products.

We also have Argentium silver in stock. Argentium silver is a new patented tarnish resistant silver in 935/- and is therefore purer as normal sterling silver.
Argentium silver alloy contents the metalloid Germanium and is more bright than normal sterling silver.

Furthermore, we have in stock or can delivery from specifications, precious metals for the industry such as fine silver and gold wire, tubes and sheets etc. We do also fine platinum and palladium. Please contact us for further information.

Recycling of gold, silver and platinium. We buy gold and silver. Please contant us for more information.

We certify that the fine gold metal from our stock is bio gold and has been refined in the EU. The material refined is sourced from the jewellery, watchmakers and dental industries. We confirm that no new raw gold is used in the refining process.The refining takes place within the EU and therefore respects all laws on the enviroment, work conditions, child labour etc.                                                                                                                             No minerals are used from conflict-affected and high risk areas according to OECD and EU.

Fairtrade gold and silver grains on request.

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