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Terms of use and privacy policy - GDPR

GDPR- General Data Protection Regulation

I relation to our privacy policy, your information will only be stored in a way, that according to the inquiry, is relevant to meet your needs. In addition, the data will only be further transmitted in connection with necessary information, such as shipping companies. 
All personal data is stored in connection with purchase and sale, marketing and statistic. 
The personal data that will be registered are: 
Name, contact information, purchase history, statistics, account information, and when purchasing metal, further identification such as passport no. or driver’s license no. might be needed.  
These are kept internally within the company in total confidentiality. The information is kept only as long as it has relevance to the company and minimum according to the accounting act.
Personal data can be removed if desired followed by the rule according to the accounting act. Kindly contact the company’s administration, if this should be relevant. 
No personal data will be used for profiling. 
If any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Information registration

Frits Pedersen A/S follows the current legislation concerning personal and company information, and all information is confidential. Frits Pedersen A/S does not rent, sell, or share personal information. It is possible to be personally informed about your registered information and to have them deleted from our database at any time. The website of Frits Pedersen A/S might contain cookies to make it easier when visiting several times. Furthermore we use cookies for making statistics. In relation to data protection, no personal sensitive data will be registered. All mail correspondence will happen via cloud based Windows 365 and thereby kept internally. In connection with newsletters, e-mail addresses will be transmitted to third party (Mailchimp). Privacy regulation arrangements with third party companies are concluded.

No data is transferred to third countries (outside EU/EEA) unless there is an agreement between the company and the person whom it may concern, for example, in case of direct shipment. Frits Pedersen A/S’ website can make use of cookies to make it easier to use our website when visited repeatedly. In addition, the cookies are used in statistical context.


All elements of Frits Pedersen A/S’s website are protected by copyright laws and are not to be copied or imitated in any way. Copying, redistribution, use, or publication of any part of is strictly prohibited. No logos, graphics, texts, sounds and photos from must be copied or transmitted without a written permit from Frits Pedersen A/S.

Exemption of Liability

Frits Pedersen A/S and their respective suppliers can under no circumstances be held responsible for loss of data, loss of income, or any other kind of direct or indirect damage caused be the use of this site or any associated service.


On you will find links to other websites. These are meant as a help to our customers, and Frits Pedersen A/S can not be held responsible for the contents of these websites. Nor have we any control over websites linking to

Price changes and typos

Prices are subject to change without notice. Frits Pedersen A/S can not be held responsible for printing errors, typos or any consequences hereof.

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